Why e-Payroll?
(reasons to adopt e-Payroll)

There are some major reasons we believe e-Payroll is the right management information system for your financial institute. We are confident it will help your business perform better and grow.

Functionality with simplicity

e-Payroll and Simplicity

e-Payroll provides your company with deep and broad first-class functionality, while remaining simple to implement and to use. We have designed the software and the interfaces so powerful doesn’t mean complicated.

Integration, not interfaced

e-Payroll and Integration

The comprehensive integration of all e-Payroll’s applications and modules means that they exchange real-time information, share a common database and user interface. They will seamlessly bring together every aspect of your business. More importantly, they evolve together. You will never need to build custom interfaces or complex updating and maintenance.

Flexibility for growth

e-Payroll and Organizational Growth

e-Payroll's integrated design provides your business/organization with all the functions it needs now and in the future. You can simply activate payroll tools and functions as you need them. It's all there from the beginning but you create a cost-effective package for your business. Our flexible system will expand when you need it, scaling up to more than 1 million users. You will always be able to rely on e-Payroll to help you grow!

Web-native, not web-enabled

e-Payroll and Simplicity

e-Payroll is accessed using the intuitive interface in Web mode. This will help your business expand over multiple sites. You will also develop stronger relationships with management, administration and other stake holders giving them customized access to the system.

Cost-effective and efficient

e-Payroll and Cost Effectiveness

We have built e-Payroll to dramatically reduce the time of implementation and customization without sacrificing any functionality. We understand that reducing costs from day one is the best way to guarantee a fast return on investment!

Multi-company by design

e-Payroll and Success

Global standard requires global tools. e-Payroll is available in multi-language allowing almost all users to access the system in their own language. Legal and other requirements for business are also centralized to offer a single global solution. e-Payroll shares data and processes while respecting their specific usages and business rules.

Each customer matters to us, and our team of consultants and engineers are dedicated to make your business a success story!

Business Goals

e-Payroll Business Goals
  • Automate the internal Education process
  • Facilitate easier flow of Education information
  • Accelerate the internal Education process of the Organization
  • Improve consistency of Education data collection and information sharing
  • Improve the overall Educational Management Mechanism
  • Minimize response time

Innovative Management

e-Payroll and Management

Here’s a novel idea: Let’s fix financial management. Let’s ditch the paperwork, and focus on the people. Let’s stop complaining about compliance. Instead of reacting, let’s act. We can do Payroll Management together. Your organization plus our expertise.

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